Loretta Winter Fiat Fiat Movie SD, 20 minutes, 706 MB

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Dear All ….

It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s a wet day for our Lady as she takes her Fiat for a drive on this day. She has her red high heel boots on and the day has just started for her. Entering the car to start it up, Loretta is up for a struggle with her small car. She does get it started after some attempts and she leaves it with full choke as she has to pick up something that she has forgotten. Coming back the little car is running but very rich and as she drives off it stalls out for her, and this time she struggles to restart her car. After a while she gets going but not for long it floods out for her again and well she is now stuck.
she has flooded her car from her massive pedal pumping and it just does not want to start for her sitting there right by the road. She is struggling and her high heel boot is pumping the gas with frustration and termination. Her car sputters and struggles as we also can watch from the black exhaust smoke. she is in real trouble no doubt. She manages to get her misfiring car to start and she drives off when her windshield wiper breaks off. and once again she has to stop in the middle of the road. well well good for us but not for her…

Have a great Day

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