Lady Cecilia the Beetle Movie HD, 21.19 min, 893 MB


Dear Fans

Lady Cecilia is joining us with a test of my new Vw Beetle this frosty morning. Is is a cold morning, Cecilia is dressed for town and her little car is an icy thing this morning. She gets in and adjust the seat. turn the key and with all luck in the world her car starts right up. She leave the car to scrape the windows, ooh what a view… And well the cars stalls out on her while scraping, she gets back in and start up the car once again to get some heat while finishing scraping the windows. So we see her getting ready to leave and yes she does and right there she manage to stall out the car. This time she is in trouble… The car ssplutters and coughs but will not run properly, The exhaust is spluttering, black smoke is pooring out and the car is like an ice box.

A great clip from Cecilia and this new Bug.


Lady Cecilia