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Dear all.
Today I´m at the gym, later I will go to a friend with my Peugot 205. Yes it is a car in need of a new paint
job to fit my stile, but it is a fun car to drive so time to take this one for a spin.
I have my brown Louboutin shoes on, they are stunning and sexy. I get in to the car start up the car and
realize that I have forgot my hand bag. I get back to the car and get ready to leave. My car runs rough
and stalls out and now my trouble starts, the little thing refuse to start and I start working the pedals and
the choke to get the little car started. I do get going but the car stalls several times for me. My feet is
hurting and I take of my shoes and drives in Nylon. When I get back to my house the car stalls on my
drive way again and I have to crank it hard to start with my Nylon cladded feet

Love Lady Loretta

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