Lay Loretta Goes in to the forest HD, 23.22 minute, 0.98 GB

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Dear all.

Do you like sky high heels?? well I do, and here you have me wearing a pair of ultra sexy high heel shoes from Italy. I want to test the hight of the heels and pedalwork so I take the Kadett for a ride. Walking over to the car in my day to day heels, I sit down behind the wheel and changes to the ultra high heels. you are there as I change my shoes and some of the angels shows the hight of the heel in a perfect view. I know the kadett is tempremantal and I struggle to start the little car but soon I´m off. It´s a test drive so I drive to a turn around and when I get close i manage to flood out the engine by misstake and there I am with a stalled car. I struggle again to start the little engine, pumping and convincing the struggling engine to start. I get to the turn around spot and decide to give the car hell by revving it hard and with a lot of pedal to the metal action. It stalls out for me several times and gives me some back firing as well. When I get the little car to run I step outside to check out the car and test my heels on the gravel. Wow this is so cool. A struggling, vibrating engine and some high heels to show of the power that I can pocess. Hope you love this clip I did making it.

Love Lady Loretta