Ladies Cecilia & Loretta Stuck in traffic SD, 25.54 minute, 566 MB


Leving work with the Lovely Lady Cecilia we are on the way to pick up some stationary. I have my Ford to work today and we leave together as we have some girl talk to take care of. Sitting in the car we babble away as I turn the key to start my car. The car refuse to start and soon Cecilia and I are struggling of how to start the car. Lady Cecilia takes of her high heels and start pressing on my foot as she wants to show me that she knows it better. Japp you are right the car splutters and starts reluctantly and we can leave after reving the little engine. We drive alonge to the mall and have a great time but the car feels sluggish and well it stalls out on us before I can park it outside the mall. We leave to get our stuff needed for the trip. Getting back to the car we get going with little trouble and we drive along but not for to long, the damn car stalls in traffic as I want to turn in a round about. well well this is just bad…..

Will we ever get back to work???

A great clip for you all

Love you from Lady Cecilia and Lady Loretta

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