Lady Loretta Japp Again Hmm Movie HD, 31.05 minute, 1.8 GB


Hello there.

Louboutine, business dress, a cool Lady and a trouble car. What a treat and what a view. She is leaving an office and jump in to the car. The little thing struggles a little but soon she is off. Time to follow and check out this lady. She drives off throgh traffic and stopes at a parking lot and soon she starts to talk to a guy and it is obvious that she ask him for help. After fixing her trouble she backs out and get stuck in the cross road as her car gives her massive trouble and floods out. Paople are walking pass and look with intersing eyes towards her. Soon she is very stressed and she is not happy. We are with her later as she stops at a burge joint but decide to back out for some reason and soon she is stuck again in traffic.

Oh my oh my…..

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