Belladonna Oh no, Movie SD, 25 minutes, 752 MB

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Dear all our beautiful Belladonna having trouble

We watch her as she comes to her car to drive off. We stand perfect to watch this beautiful Lady in her daily work. She wakes over in her designer peep shoes and gets into her car. What a view..
She pulls the choke and stumps on the gas a couple of times to start the car, turns the key and well she has trouble…
Standing next to her we can watch her struggle and we are also treated to listening in on her call for help. Soon she doesn’t know what to do to get her car started so she steps out of the car and lights a cigarette to calm down her nerves..
She is having massive trouble starting her car and sitting there pumping the gas, adjusting the choke is soon taking the toll on the battery and it cranks slower and slower. BellaDonna gets more and more frustrated and soon the battery is. She calls for help and a car stops close to her to give her jump start with cables. When she eventually gets the flooded engine to start she revs it hard to get back or to get rid of some frustration. Who knows??
After all trouble to start her car she is on her way to fill up the car with gas. We are following along and soon she gets into the gas station. Will she leave the engine on or will she turn off the engine?
Oh my she is dressed for success no doubt. She drives in traffic and as we can see with no trouble…

Have a great warm weekend all

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