Lady Loretta She is Leaving SD, 20.41 min, 521 MB


Dear Fans.

I love my vintage cars they are so cool and gives me all the attention that I deserve. Today I´m at work dressed with my office dress and I have a new pair of sexy Louboutins on me.  I finish the last things at work before calling it a day. I leave my work and spring is in the air so I decide to take a moment at the river. This feels great but I have to leave so I walk over to my Fiesta. Getting in Pulling the choke and turn the key.. nothing.. Well well I use my little Louboutin foot and work the accelerator to get my car started. funny it does not really start for me and I can smell the gas in the air. Really?? do you refuso to start for me?? I leave the car to check out the engine but as usual I can not find what is wrong. Back behind the wheel I start cranking and pump the pedals. Success I get the darn thing started. I take off and drive along, but soon the darn thing dies on me right in traffic.

I hope you love this clip and my new Louboutins I do..

Have a great day all

Lady Loretta