Lady Madonna, Have trouble with her driving teacher, Movie SD, 23 minute, 502 MB


Dear all

Madonna with her Driving teacher Oh my!!

Lady Madonna is ready for a driving Lesson. She comes dressed in a pair of summer sneakers skirt and nylon. Her driving teacher suggests a shoe change as he has noticed that she has a pair with her. Madonna looks at him and change shoes and we are treated with a pair of Nylon cover pretty feet as she changes shoes. They are ready to start the lesson, but right there Madonna have trouble to start the car. The teacher gives her instructions and she is obvious humiliated with her situation. She struggles and tension is building. Finally the car starts and they drive of. But not for long, she stalls out the car and once again the car is hard to start for her. She is nervous humiliated and angry so now the lesson is well on edge. She drives along and getting instructions from her teacher. Well instructions?? She has car troubles and she get stuck when her car conks out and refuse to start. The Teacher is giving hands on directions as she pumps nervously to get going.

A great clip from this stunning Lady

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