Lady Loretta X-Mas Special Part 1 HD, 15.26 minute, 1.10 GB


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Loretta is on her way delivering a X-Mas tree to her friend. She is surprising her with taking the Peugeot 204 from the barn. She walks over to the garage in her nineties outfit and get in her car to start it up after been sitting there for quite some time. She struggles to start her car and we are there to watch the show. Her car starts to splutter and after a struggling start she manages to get it right to start the car. She backs out and parks it beside the X-Mas tree to fix the tree on the roof. What a show as she manages to put the tree on the car roof and tie it down for the short drive to her friend. Her car stalls out from to much choke and she has to restart the flooded engine with massive trouble. She gets it going and leaves the car to stand right at the trunk to prepare her outfit for her drive. What a view in the exhaust fumes as we get some close ups.

In Part 2 we are with her as she drives over to her friend and her car over heats with steam from the engine and she has to call for help

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