Lady Loretta Kardett part 1 HD, 11,22 minute, 985 MB

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Dear all.

Here is me and my new car an Opel Kadett or also called Vauxhall. I bought this car to commute to work as it was in good shape and really cheap. What I did not know is that the little car is very tempremental. I have driven to work in my sneakers but soon I will be visiting a client of mine and I want to make a statement in my Patent Louboutine, so I decide to stop and change shoes. Outside it is raining and I have been driving fast since I´m late and my car is overheating (I think). So I change shoes and as I do I also polish them for the best shine. When I sit there I forgett myself and my right foot is pushing the gas pedal as I need some support. In doing this I flood the engine and I´m stuck when I realy try to start the angine. I can smell the gas and I struggle har to start the car. It chuggs, splutters but refuse to start.

This is Part 1 of the the whole clip. Hope you like this you also get a glims from my panties as one of the cameras are capturing this angle and I totally get lost in trying to start my car. Well well…

Love Lady Loretta