Lady Loretta Trouble part 2 SD, 13.25 minute, 4.21 MB


Dear Fans and friends

Loretta has her Volvo 140 back from repair. She is on her way this cold winter morning and is dressed in her work cloths. Walking out in the cold she wants to get her car started as soon as possible, she is in a hurry. She gets rid of the heater and gets in to start the car. Pulling the choke and some quick bursts on the accelerator and the car starts right up. She has forgotten her handbag and leaves the car idling. The car is idling rougher and rougher. Let’s hope it cuts out before she comes back….. It runs really rough when she comes back with her handbag and right there it cuts out. She gets back in behind the wheel and starts the car up and revs it hard and long to clear the engine. Leaving the car she walks around to check the car.

Part 2. Once again the car floods out and she gets back in to start it, this time she has trouble to get it started again. When it does start she revs it hard to clear out the engine. Finally she can leave and off she goes. She drives along and suddenly the engine stalls out and she is stuck in the middle of the road with a car behind her. She is in real trouble her car refuses to start and well she is not happy. Lots of cranking, revving and car trouble with this sexy woman in her lovely high heels.

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