Lady Loretta Slipper Sandals SD, 22.46 minute, 660 MB


My dear fans.

Here you are with me as I take the Volvo PV 544 to a friends house for a drink. I have my sexy sandals on evenso they are a little to big for my petite feet and they keep slipping of my feet as I walk or drive, this damn shoes. I take the Volvo from the garage and as usual it is hard to start. I love this car evenso I have all kinds of trouble with it. I turn the key and the car shakes under my cranking. My feet are working the pedals and the engine shakes under my attemts, and I get almost a tingeling feeling. Who will win me or the car. The smell of gas fills the garage but I will not give up I need the thing to start for me so i can go out.

Love Lady Loretta

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