Lady Loretta Road Trip back left view, HD, 23.58 minute, 1.39 GB

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Dear Fans.

As you may know I got in to an accident a while agao, I broke my hip. It is difficult for me to drive with my broken hip but I have to try right?? Heels I love them!! but it hurts to press the cluch.. I decide to test my ultra sexy patent sandals so I change shoes from my pink heels to those black patent sandals. I love those shoes and I feel sexy in those. Standing by my car I feel my hip hurting but this will not stop me I have to try to drive in those. I get behind the wheel and decide to levae turning the key to start my car I soon realise that it is overheating. from me??…. I’m struggling to start it. It splutters vibrates and chuggs. I just have to get the right combo of pumping and maybee a little choke. not to much I don´t want to get stranded by flooding it. I gently press the pedal and work the pedal to get the car to start for me. Driving of and… no it dies right there, on me. I´m lucky I can use the down hill to get it to start in gear. What a mess Broken hip struggling car but I can still drive in heels great….

This is a left side view where you are sitting with your head on my left shoulder. Hope you like this.

Love Lady Loretta