Lady Loretta Opel Toruble and tease pat 2 SD, 14.02 minute, 365 MB

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Dear all This is the text for the whole video ! Enjoy

First I have to say that it is not every time you are able to watch a real event with Loretta also taking the time to tease us as she has trouble with her car. Well here you have just that.

It is a rainy day as Loretta is leaving home. She is dressed in a miniskirt and a pair high heel boots with a sexy top. She looks great as she walk over to her Opel this morning confident and beautiful. She gets in the car and prepares to get started. Her car is starting yes but not right away and when it starts it acts up. we watch her from some great angels as she struggles with the car. She gets going and now the show starts as her car is not running right. she struggles on her way and the car stalls out for her several times. She gets very nervous as she may not make it to her destination. She is stranded in the middle of the road and gets really angry as she struggles to start her car. When she gets going she decides to check out the car and she stops in a spot were she is not in the way for other traffic and here we can watch her as she teases us with a great walk around of the car. Lovely and sexy. Thanks Loretta… When she is confident her car is running right she takes off and we are with her as her car stalls out yet again and now she is really angry..

A great clip from a stunning Lady

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