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Dear Fans

What a day I had at work. Long dialogs with customers and issues at several accounts. I just want to have a relaxed evening in the sofa tonight. Today a college of mine drove me to work since I will take my Fiesta to go shopping and drive home later on. I leave work and head for the garage , to get the car out after sitting there for a month or so. I open the doors and head in to the car. To my suprice the little car starts right up and i´m just thrilled after a long and difficult day. I´m dressed with my brown Louboutin, I love those shoes.. and backing out of the garage I start thinking of what I need to buy at the store. When I leave the car to close the garage doors my little car stalls and getting back behind the wheel I struggle to start it up again. I leave the garage after some struggle and hve to close the gate as well. On my way to the store disaster strikes… My car stalls out in traffic not once but twice. Standing there with all cars passing by and a long line of cars behind me makes me to start sweat. This is NOT what I want to today. This is just so terrible….

Do you want to expriance this event with me? well then get behind the screen and look for yourself….

Love Lady Loretta