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Dear all.

I have had an accident when riding and now I have to use cratches to walk. this is for me really bad. It does not stop me however to wear High heels in any case. I have left my house today in my sneakers and I stop on my way to change to my work shoes a pair of ultra sexy pink high heels. I sit by my car and changing shoes and when I´m done I want to leave right away. I turn the key and my little car is reluctant right away to start for me and as it happens I flood the little thing. So now I´m in struggle to get it started. When I do I take short walk outside the car and notice the struggling car from behind. exhust is spluttering and the engine runs rough. a great feeling to put my little feet on the exhaust…..

I leave right after and on my way my car stalls out on me. well I´m just terrible in driving as I´m in pain in my left leg from my accident, I have also trouble to change gear since I struggle to press the cluch all the way down. I´m in pain…