Lady Loretta Kardett part 2 HD, 13,15 minute, 1,1 GB

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Dear all.

Here is Part 2 of my kadett clip in my Louboutin Patent heels. I´m stranded yes for shure I´m in trouble. My car is hoplessly flooded and I´m really running late so I have no time for this at all. I struggle hard to start my car and to my relief there are signs that the little engine will start for me, and yes it does… Joppeeee. Now I just have to catch up some time in driving fast and hard. In my stress I forgett the choke and in a moment the engine floods out on me. I´m in trouble yet again right there on the road. I struggle to restart my car and when I get it started I dive it hard to my appointment. When I park I give the little engine hell by revving it hard. I´m not happy and I´m late so I let it have it.

Love Lady Loretta