Lady Loretta Ice and Snow part 2 HD, 14.57 minutes, 1.24 GB


Dear all the second part with lots of snow and Loretta

The clip continues as she struggle with her car after picking up the briefcase. Her car splutters and conks out it is reluctant to start and we watch her as she gets more and more frustrated with her situation. It does not help that her car refuse to start for her, and when it does in her frustration she floods the engine and she stuggles again. She tries to start the car rooling down the hill but it is so flooded that this does not work either. A car comes up behind her and she blocks the road with her flooded car. Her frustration is very high and she is blistering mad as she are close to home as her car stalls out on her again and now she can not go up the hill since the wheels does not have any grip on the icy road. She backs up to try to have some speed as she drives up to her house….

She is not happy. We are with her to get a feel of Lorettas frustration.

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