Lady Loretta Ice and Snow part 1 HD, 16.29 minutes, 1.37 GB

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Dear all Loretta in snow!

Winter is here snow has been falling and Loretta is taking the Saab 96 for a drive to pick up some documents at a remote located house. In this part 1 we join her as she leaves the house walking over to her car in the deep snow with her high heel boots. Her boots slide on the snow and her walk to the car is a struggle. She opens the garage and prepare the car to leave. She gets behind the wheel, turn the key and her car splutters, starts and cuts out. Pumping the gas as she turn the key and the engine splutters starts and cuts out again. pulling the choke and pumping the pedal this time the engine struggles to start and after a long crank it is obviously cold flooded and now she is in trouble for real. She keeps going and eventually her car starts spluttering and struggling but she manage to keep it running. Black smoke fills the air behind the car as she back out in to the snow. She leave the car to close the garage and her car stalls out from to much choke and her battle continue. She does get the car going just to find out how slippery the ground is. Loretta revs the car hard to get up the small hill from the garage. Snow is flying around as she press the little car to get some grip under the tires. Will she manage to get up the hill or nor? Will she get stuck on the road on her drive? Wait for part 2!

Have a great time with this one…

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