Lady Cecilia Farm Girl in trouble SD, 14.53 minute, 447 MB


Dear all here is out lovely Lady Cecilia she has visited us. She is a sexy young Lady awith a great attitude. She is on her way to a country meet and has borrowed the Volvo 343 to drive over the fare. She is dressed for the event and as she walkes over to the car we have a great view of this stunning Lady. She gets in to the car and turn the key, it starts and conks out direct. She turn the key and start a great pedal pumping eent to get the old car started. Her feet works the pedals and with the choke out the engine splutters and chuggs but missfires and refuse to start. She gently pumps the pedal and the little car chuggs but refuse to start, She get´s more and more concerned as the car just will not start for her. Opening the hood we get a great view of her patent heels and her small petite feet. Back behind the wheel she struggles to start the car and the exhaust spitts smoke as she gets it started. well it conks out soon again, but starts up after she battles the choke and pedals with her small feet.

Another great video with this young Lady

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