Ms Fawn Start and Rev HD, 19.46 minute, 1,01 GB

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This is an old clip that have been on the other site. So be aware!

Dear Fans.

Here is Ms Fawn ready to leave after a night of heavy snow fall. Ms Fawn is an agressive pedal pumper, she does not like to have car trouble and gets really angry when a car gives her trouble. Today she gets in to the Volvo and beeing cold and wet the car refuse to start. She is agressive in her way to starting the car and when she gets it to start she really takes out her frustration on the car and revs it hard. She just does not want it to stall on her and she keeps the car going by reving it hard. Still the car gives her trouble and she gets more and more upset. Backing up also gives her trouble and she spins the wheels and rock the car back and fourth to get it to move. The car is still not warm after her attemts and it dies on her yet again and she get really upset this time.

In the end she gets going but soon disater strikes as she leans over to grab her phone she slids down in the ditch with the car and she is now really stuck and have to walk back to get help.

What a lady and what an attitude……


1 review for Ms Fawn Start and Rev HD, 19.46 minute, 1,01 GB

  1. mike

    This is a really nice video if you like cold winter mornings and scrape windows while car is idle spewing out exhaust fumes. The black snow behind the exhaust pipe is looking great. Fawn is a good looking girl and she lookes stunning when scraping the windows.

    + Fawn sure is good looking
    + Car is easy to start and runs
    + Winter weather makes big exhaust clouds
    + She takes her time scraping the windows

    – Revving section is very short. Would be nice with a video only contaning window scrape and revving
    – Camera could position it self a little further away and in the smoke

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