Ms Fawn Lovely summer day 4 HD, 20.07 minute, 855 MB


Dear All.

Ms Fawn.. well do we need to say more. What a Lady and what a style. She is taking the Vintage Sabb for a spin today, well at least that whats she thinks. She is dressed to make an impression in her high heels and a sexy outfit. She has borrowed the Saab 96 to go in to town. She gets over to the car, gets in and get ready to leave, pulling the choke priming the car with her heels she turn the key and well the cranking session is started. She is in trouble the car is hard to start… We are there, you are there.. and we are treated with a cranking frenzy,. She is not to happy and in her frustration she light a cigg as well. We soon see her being very upset. Her feet start to hurt and she takes off her heels to pump bare feet. We are there and you are there. she is giving us a great dispay of her bare feet.. oooh my what a view and what a cranky car..


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