Ms Fawn I’m on my way HD, 9.26 Minute, 407 MB


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Here you have a new vido from Ms Fawn. the long haired bombshell having a trip with the Volvo 142. We are sitting next to her as she gets in to the car. Her long legs are exiting and the patent heels she has on looks great as she primes the engine with some pumps and put the key in the ignition. She turns the key as press the gas and the car starts right up for her but stalls out very soon and she cranks yet again. Pulling the choke she gets the Volvo to start and she can leave.. upps maybee not she struggles to have the engine to run. We are soon off and when we come to an intersection the car stalls out again under her pressure. What a great view as cars passing her when she stands there in the intersection. Going to the store is not easy for her as the car stall yet again right in the parking lot.

A great clip from a great lady

Love Fashion Pumping