Miss Rocket Winter fun Movie SD, 26.59 minute, 898 MB


Dear All here she comes

Miss Rocket has a meeting in town. It is winter and morning and this petite girl is walking over to the Volvo 343 to get going. She has a stunning dress on and a pair of French designer shoes ready to make a statement in the meeting. She gets in to her car and prepares to start it up to get some heat in it before cleaning the windows. She turns the key and the car chugs and splutters but it does start for her. She struggles with the pedals and choke but she gets it to start. Leaving the car to clean the windows it stalls out and she gets back behind the wheel to start it. Oh yes she struggles and gets more and more frustrated. The car chuggs and splutter and she is soon getting a frustrated feeling as she bounce in the seat to start it. She struggles, it is cold and her car does not want to stay running for her. This is a splendid clip with this stunning Miss in her sexy outfit.

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