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Dear all.

Winter weather, freezing cold, a lovely young Lady with car trouble in her winter high heels boots. well here you have Miss Rocket leaving her house in an old Opel. She is dressed for town in her designer cloths and high heel boots walking over to the car. She gets is to start it up and clear the windows from snow and ice and as she turn the key we are there for a great view as she stuggles hard to start it. She cranks, she pumps, she just having a terrible time to start the freezing cold car. with our view we watch her as her car splutters chuggs and refuse to start for her.The spluttering exhaust gives her away as she floods the engine more and more with the choke fully out and her pedalpumping. Great views from a frustarted young Lady in her boots with her car refusing to start. the smell ot gas is filling the air as her struggle continue. She is on the road, the car is foggy inside from her frustrated attempts to start the little Opel previously to be able to leave. She drives along here and still upset as her car suddenly stalls out on the road. Luckily she can safely stop by the side of the road to get it started again, it´s not easy her car is just not wanting to restart. Her frustration from the earlier is back and her petite high heel boots are pounding the pedals as she works the choke cranking the car to get going. She gets more and more frustrated as her car just refuse to start. She steps out to call for help, gets back in trying to start the car and it does start for her. we watch her as she turns around and disaster strikes again as the car stalls out right in the turn in the middle of the road. Now she is really upset and nervous she blocks the whole road.

Will she be able to get out of this spot without help and will she get back home without any more trouble?? A lovely Young Lady in trouble with her car…….

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