Miss Rocket The Bus to town, Movie SD, 21.45 Minute, 477 MB


Dear All

Time to get a clip from the beautifully sexy Miss Rocket

She is on her way to town and needs to take the bus. But to get there she needs to use the old Renault 12 that has been sitting in the garage for 6 months or longer. We are there as she gets in to the garage and starts having small trouble with her car to get it to run. A great clip with a car that has not been used for a long time. She is dressed just right for Town but once again this does not help if she does not get going. After a while the little car starts up and we are with her as she drives off. Leaving the car at the bus stop, let’s hope that she has trouble when she gets back. As she arrives with the bus coming from Town. She walks over to her parked car to take a short drive back home. Behind the wheel she puts the key in the ignition pulls the choke and turn the key to start the little car, but in vain. Her car struggles to start for her and her petite feet starts to pump the pedal to get some action in the old car. Nothing… Well she does not give up she knows it is temperamental and keeps on cranking. The engine splutters and chugs and fires up. She revs the engine to clear it from fuel and get going.

She drives along and when she hits the hill her car stalls out on her.

A great clip from this young Lady

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