Madonna and Loretta Road trouble part 1 SD. 32,32 minute, 710 MB


Dear Fans This super ladies is so great you have to see them in actions

Once again a unique clip from us as Madonna and Loretta is having trouble with their cars at the same time as they are leaving for town. They leave their meeting and get ready to leave by walking to their cars. Once behind the wheel booth Ladies are in trouble as their cars refuse to start up right away. Their high heeled feet pump the pedals and their cars splutter under their frustration. We are there, we are treated with a spectacular event here. The cameras switch back and forth between the Ladies and we are just treated with a great show. The Ladies does get going but with trouble on the road and in traffic as their cars stalls out on them while driving to the store. Frustartation is high and they flood their cars as they are frustarted and nervous there in traffic with cars passing them honking their horns and give them all kinds of stress.

Have a  great Weekend


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