Madonna and Loretta Road Trouble HD part2, 25.26 minute, 1,16 GB

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Dear all.

As Madonna and Loretta is leaving their meeting Loretta say goodbye to Madonna and walks over to her Volvo 343 to go to town. We watch her from a distance with her trouble to start her car. the tailpipe is shaking, vibrating and we can hear Madonna having issues with her car as well as Loretta. Soon smoke start to puff from the exhaust and the air is getting thick of gas fumes as Loretta brings life in her car. After a frustrating crank she gets her car started and takes off. She drives just a little bit and at the intersection she is stalled. Cars passing as she cranks her old car to get it to start. Further we are with her as she stalls out i traffic not once but several times on her way to the store. A super clip from a sexy Lady in distress. In this clip her frustration build to a max and she is bouncing in the seat as her car splutters but refuse to fully start.

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