Lady Loretta X-Mas Special Part 2 SD, 36.19 minute, 1.06 GB


Dear all

Here you have us delivering a X-Mas tree to our friend. Loretta has got her car started and the tree is on the roof. And she is off.. Well we follow and when she arrives to a steep hill her car stalls out and she struggles to get it to re-start for her the excitement watching her struggle is vibrating. Her little car is struggling; she gets more and more nervous. And we are there to watch her…

Her feet is pounding on the accelerator gas is filling the air and she is in real trouble. She struggles up the hill and gets going to her friend her car is not running well as she arrives to the drop point for the tree.

Here you have our Part 3 of the X-Mas special series. Loretta has delivered her X-Mas tree to her friend and now it is time to head back home. She gets in her car and starts it up with some trouble, Backs out from the gorge and sets off to go home. She struggles with the car as she is losing power. She stalls out several times and her frustration build as she comes to a longer hill were her car starts to boil. Steam is leaving the hood and she realizes that she is in major trouble this time. The Engine boils and is overheating and she has to call for help. Help arrives and she has to be towed back to her house.

A great ending of a troublesome event for this Lady

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