Lady Loretta Winter stuck in snow Part 1 HD, 17.2 minute 1.5 GB


Dear Fans

A new year and cold weather. Here is our Lady Loretta trying to leave in her Volvo 142 after last night snow fall. The snow is wet and heavy and Loretta walks over to her old car in her high heel winter designer boots in the thick snow. She enters her car and prepare to leave but first she has to start her car. Its is cold and reluctant and she has to use full choke and a lot off pumping, its struggles to start, the air fills with gas fumes and her frustration build as her car start to show signs to start. She revs it when it does strt and backing out of the garage we can notice that she will struggle with her real wheel drive car to get up the hill, and yes she does and how she does it……

Lots of wheel spinning and frustration and backfire as she stalls out her car in her attempts to get up the hill. she struggles and are not happy and we are there for the show.

This Part 1 ends as she is stuck in the hill. Will she manage go get up the hill or what? Question is how?? well this you will find out in Part 2

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