Lady Loretta Winter HD, 24.49 minute,1.78 GB




Dear all.

Winter is still holding a grip on us. Lady Loretta is on here way to town this cold morning in her Fiesta. It has been snowing and the morning is cold. She enters the car and get ready to start her car. She is dressed for town and she has her high heel burgundy boots. She turn the key and her cranking with the car is starting The air gets filled with gas fumes and her car reluctantly starts under her right foot pumping in a cloud of smoke. She make certain her car idle before getting out to scrape the windows clean from snow and ice. What a view and what a feeling. She gets ready and enter her car again and backs out from the parking area. She leave the parking and….. well her car stalls out from to much choke and now she is in real trouble.

Have a great week all