Lady Loretta VW Polo at work SD, 17.03 minute, 453 MB


Dear all Loretta agin

Loretta is at work taking her last break before leaving to go home after a long day in meetings and negotiations. She walks over to her car parked by the water and we are in luck as we can watch her walking to her car in her Patent Louboutin patent heels and getting in her Polo. Soon we are treated with a great cranking sceen as her car refuse to start for her. Her legs are stretched as she press the accelerator to the floor as her car refuse to start and soon she starts pumping the pedal in frustration as her car just splutter but does not fully catch. We watch her as she adjust the choke and work the accelerator to get her troubled car to start under her feet. Her stockings together with her petite feet in those sexy Louboutin shoes just gives that vibrating feeling. It smells gas in the air and smoke splutters from the exhaust as she has trouble to start her car. Will she be able to get her car started or is she stranded…. well she does not leave this afternoon so…

Have a nice day to you all

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