Lady Loretta Volvo PV out of the garage HD, 18.28 minute, 797 MB

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Dear All.

After having the Volvo checked by my mechanic I want to check out the car for my weekend drive. I have asked the mechanic to change pluggs oil and set the timing since the car has been running rough for a while. It is late in the evening so I get to my garage after work. I open up get in and my pearl sitts there. I get in behind the wheel and put the key in the ignition,prime the engine and pull the choke. Turning the key, I start cranking the engine and to my suprice there is no ife in it. I try for a while, but I canĀ“t get it to start. I look for the start gas open the hood and spray some of it in to the carb. Behind the wheel again I crank the car and yes now it starts for me. I get the car ready and I back out of the garage. A shortd drive is needed so I leave. Coming back I open the garage and I manage to flood the engine and I have yet again trouble to start the engine…. Well well this car…..