Lady Loretta Volvo in Winter HD, 20. 58 minute, 1.51 GB


Dear all. You can see some scean from our youtube channel

Here you have me last winter with the Volvo where I decide to have some fun in the snow. The night was cold and we had some snow during the night. I decide to take the Volvo out for a slide in the snow. The car has been sitting for a while and I have to reinstall the battery before I can crank the engine. The snow is heavy and the morning is cold. I get the battery installed and some starts throughing snow balls towards me, well I can dio the same.. Im dressed with mi high eel boots and with the heel I get some grip on the slippery ground.

I get in to the car and start cranking it, the engine turns slow and I know I might be in trouble. After a while the engine starts to splutter and shugg and there is light in the tunnel….. I get my car started and have to get out and finish cleaning it from snow before driving away…

I have my aim set for a large parking lo to have some fun in the snow. You are there watching as I spinn around and lide in the snow with this real wheel drive funny car. Oh I love it, pressing the gas to the metall and slipp around. I’m in control and I have so much fun….

I love this car with it’s real wheel drive on a slippery road. Take this ride with me and you will be trilled..

Have a great week all