Lady Loretta Trouble with PV544 Part 1, 25.18 minutes, 868 MB


Dear Fans Loretta is on

This is super cool event split in 2 parts. Loretta is in trouble this day with her car this cold winter morning. The 2 videos covers cold start cranking, traffic stalling, filling up gas and hard start after, and highway driving and stall on the highway.

Imagine a cold winter morning with an old vintage car sitting there, a Lady comes walking in her high heels and you can hear the sound of her heels clicking on the frozen ground. She enters her car and get ready to start up her car. Turning the key you can hear the slow cold cranking of the car and the ladies pumping on the pedal. No sign of life of the car starting with just the frustrating pedal pumping. after a while the engine starts to cough and splutter during the cranking but it just does not start. Smoke is puffing out from the vibrating exhaust as the cranking continues. Frustration build and the lady struggles with her car, the air fills of gas fumes and she is pumping her car to hopeless flooding. A long time later her car reluctantly starts to show signs of starting and thick smoke comes out of the exhaust as the car starts but soon it floods out and her cranking continue.

Well this is what you will hear and see in this awesome first part of this 2 clip

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