Lady Loretta Trouble in Louboutine heels SD, 25 minutes, 734 MB


Dear all Loretta is in action
At the office and get´s ready to have a coffee before driving to the store and gas station. She gets her cup and sit down to massage her feet from the long day walking in heels. Soon she leaves to get her business done and getting to her car let´s hope we are treated with some pedal pumping action. Well japp we are. Her Louboutine heels pumps the pedals as she struggles to start her car. she gets more and more frustrated as her car just start for her. She gets more and more stressed as her car gives her all trouble in the world. We are there as she gets it started and we sit in the back seat admiring her pedal pumping action as we arrive to the gas station. Here we are up for a treat..

With Love…

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