Lady Loretta Traffic Stalling Go Shopping Part 1 HD, 22.46 minute, 754 MB


Dear all.

Today we are with Loretta as she is shopping dressed in her Louboutin high heels and a sexy outfit for town. She is preparing to leave to another store as we join her. Getting in the car she gets ready to leave turning the key and pulling the choke to have an easy start. the engine cranks and splutters but she does not get it started that easy as expected and she is struggling for quite some time with her pumping and cranking. She gets the car started in a cloud of smoke and she drives off. we follow with her and as she comes to the intersection her car gives her trouble. She drives off in to traffic but realize she has to improve her make up as she stops beside the road. When finished she drives off again towards the store… Well she stalls the engine yet again and she is in real trouble with cars honking their horn and creating a que behind her. Is this the end ?? nope…….. She is on her way in the sore and well she has to leave again this is all given in Part 2


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