Lady Loretta, Town shopping HD, 25.57 minutes, 2.06 GB


Dear All

A drive to town to go shopping with the Escort today leads to that my car stalls out for me in traffic as I get in to town. Traffic around me is making me very nervous and in my deperate attemt to re-start the engine I pump the pedal desperatly and I end up flooding it and it refuse to restart for me right away. I´m not happy as I get going but disaster strikes again and I´m stuck in traffic again as the little car struggles to re-start. This goes on as this as I search for the shop as I drive along. The weather is just the perfect spring day as we have been waiting for, and I´m going to town to shop so I have my high heel patent sling backs on and a short skirt with nylon. I feel great and in my struggle to find the store I just park behind the store to take on the spring weather before going to the store. After a while I get in to my car to drive to the front side but….. Now my car refuse to start… will I get the car started or does my day end in disaster??

Have a great day