Lady Loretta To the store Movie SD, 32 minute, 803 MB


Dear all.

We are invited with Loretta to go along as she drives to the store before she goes to a friend. We pick her up at the hotel and soon we walk over to her vintage Renault 4L a vintage car in perfect condition. We are asked to wait outside so she can back out before we can tag along. What a view as she starts up the little car. Her patent heels pumps the pedal as she starts up the car with a black cloud of smoke from the exhaust. We get in as we are leaving and it does not long until she stalls her car right on the main road. Ups she is nervous this time… She gets going and drives to a slight bend and right there her car stalls out again. This time she struggles with the car and we can watch her from the outside. Once again we are of and sitting in the back seat it is a great feeling as she stall out the car a third time, and this time she is not happy at all. Loretta is on her way to the store after massive car trouble on the way. We join her in the back seat as she gets close to the store and drive in parking outside. We join her in to the store shopping. Her heels are pounding the floor and her legs are just so sexy. Waiting in line to exit the store we are with her as she walks over to her little Renault 4L. She gets in and we watch her from the back seat as she struggle to start her overheated little car. It splutters and chugs but refuse to start for her. Her patent high heel sandal pounds the pedal and her car struggle. We watch her adjusting the choke and we notice her excitement as the car shows signs to start. She manages to start it and we are off again. Will she drive on the high way this time to get to her meeting or not….

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