Lady Loretta The Drive through part 1 SD, 14.18 minute, 447 MB


Dear All.

So this might be the clip you have been waiting for. We think it is a one of a kind with our lady. Loretta is out driving and decides to get a coffee at the local drive through. We get in the action as she drives in front of us, park but soon gets going again. She is driving bare foot in nylon to rest her feet from the high Louboutin patents heels. She drives over to the drive through and order her coffee at the order point, we watch her as she drives up to the first counter to pay, and at the same time put on her shoes, what a view. She drives over to the pickup counter and turn of the engine waiting for her coffee. Now she is in real trouble, the coffee arrives, she turns the key but her car refuses to start. She starts pumping the pedal and work the pedal hard but still the car refuse to start. She sits there for a long time in her distress and soon the waiter offer her to push the car to the side…

Part 2 Oh my she is really angry and frustrated and in her stress she totally floods the little engine and she can´t just get it started. What a clip guys this is great.. Eventually she gets the car started and she drives off but with a little too much choke and the car stalls out on her again. Now she is raging mad and when she gets going we can feel her relief. Coming to an intersection her car stalls out yet again and we are treated with a cranking part yet again right there in traffic with cars and trucks passing her. When she does get the engine to start she sits there for quite some time revving the engine in frustration and worry. She does get going and now the car is running fine. She gets to the parking outside her office and we can she in her face that she is happy to have made it there.

Probably best clip ever in our mind.


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