Lady Loretta Morning and Mud Part 1 SD, 26 minutes, 902 MB


Dear all.

This event is split into two parts ( “pump and Mud in our other channel”)/ Morning and Mud” here. In this part one Loretta is talking to her Renault 12 to pick up a colleague for work, she comes walking to her car and we are there excited to see if she will be in trouble or not this morning. We have watched her several times having massive start problems with her car and well lets hope this is the fact this morning as well. She gets in and pulls the choke and nothing, not a sound. Battery?? well yes. Fixing the issue she gets back behind the wheel and turns the key to start her car. Well she is having trouble and after quite some pumping and trouble her car starts to sputter but will not fully catch. Exhaust fumes are pouring out and her car starts eventually and we can see that she is happy to be able to leave. She gets going and picks up her passenger for a ride to the office and has a shatter before parking and leaving the car. We are there as she comes back with her passenger to leave again. This time her car starts up much faster but it runs rough and she comments on this before…’

Loretta is revving the car to show off the sound and the rough engine to her passenger. The dialog is great but soon they take off and we are with Loretta as she drives out on the country roads. They stop for a short smoke and soon they take off again, well do they the car is hard to start and her passenger suggests pumping the pedal in her nylon clad foot. In the next part.
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