Lady Loretta Spinning Wheel part 1 SD, 13.31 Minute, 294 MB


Dear fans.

Winter delight a sunny cold day with a lot of snow a great time to take a little real wheel drive car for a spinn and have some fun in the snow. I’m dressed with my designer boots a pair of red calf skin boots that fits me perfect. Walkin to my car in the snow is a struggle but with the heels I have spikes that give me grip. I have planned to take my Corolla today evenso I know it is a difficult car to run in the snow with summer tires. I get in and turn the key to get some heat in the frozen cold car, the engine turn slow and it struggles to start, I work the pedal and the choke and the little engine fires upp coughing and spluttering. Backing up I realize that I need to clear the windows from ice and out I go. Getting back in the car. Lets go..

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