Lady Loretta Snow with Saab SD, 19.46 minute, 649 MB


Dear fans

It is winter and Loretta has to park the Saab in the garage After sitting outside over night during the blizzard. Loretta is dressed as usual in her heels and good since She needs the stiletto to act as spikens to be able to walk without slipping, it is slippery.
She gets in behind the Wheeling and we are treated with a spluttering struggling start as her car is givning her a struggle to start for her. Her pedalpumping is magic and her car is just reluctant. She struggles with her car and it pays off as it starts with all kind of smoke and splutter. Now She just have to get up the hill!!! Wheelspin picture in picture and now We are treated with some great views.
She gets up and Well now She just have to get in to the garage.