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Dear all we are with Loretta to the flower store

I have a friend with me in the car, today, as we leave in my Volvo to go to town for shopping. I know about his fetish of heels so I’m dressed in the right way. Sitting in the car before leaving I do a shoe change so he can watch my nylon bare feet. Somehow I hope that my car will act up today I want to see his reaction of car trouble in heels. I start cranking and my car is stubborn but not impossible, it start for me after a while and we can leave. I watch him and notice his focus on my legs and heels, the feeling is great to be able to show off and be in control. On the way to the store my car stalls and I struggle with it for a while and once again I watch him glancing on my legs and feet. What a feeling. The gear stick is shaking, the engine is cranking and I have trouble.

We arrive to the store and he walks right behind me, watching.. time to show off. We are are ready and time to leave the parking spot… Well not so easy this time my car just will not start. and this happens not once but also at our second stop.

I love having a passenger watching me as I struggle with my car, well to be honest not every time. When my car just woun’t start I get very upset and I can tell you the last couple of weeks my Volvo has has some real issues in the morning. but this you we see later.

Have a great day

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