Lady Loretta Shopping part 1 HD, 18.37 minute, 1.08 GB


Dear all.

Hope you all are OK. Today I give you a clip of a regular day in my life. I´m at the office and get ready to leave. I´m dressed as ususal in my ofice clothes and my patent Louboutin heels. Soon in the clip I leave to office to go to the store before leaving for home. I have a lot on my mind as I get in to my little Fiesta and starting it. It is stubburn as usual so I have to be percistant in my tries to get it started. Its splutters under my feet and it start reluctantly with black smoke comming from the exhaust. I take of and start thinking of what I need in the store. and right there in my thoughts my car stalls in traffic. Oh no not here… after a while I get going and get to the shopping mall thank good. Time to shop.. The movie is publiced at C4S this is part 1

Love Lady loretta