Lady Loretta Saab on the road Part 1 HD, 17.04 minute, 1,44 GB

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Dear all.

Me Loretta is on my way to get my view of a country house I´m about to sell.  In Part 1, I struggle with my car and also finding the way. Here you have me as I arrive to the house not so happy since I´m ate after my car trouble I fix my make up and leave to visit the couple living in the house. After our meeting I return to my car and is ready to leave but the car refuse to start. Not here and not now. I really have no time for this today. I struggle and try all that I can to get the darn thing to start. I even push start it and well eventually I get it started with a lot of Choke. Black smoke is following me as I drive of. I know I have to much choke but I do not want the car to stall under my high heel feet..

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Lady Loretta

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