Lady Loretta Rent a car Flood cranking HD, 21.47 minute, 1.2 GB


Dear Fans.

As you noted I rented a Renault 4L from a friend and want to use the car during my visit to a client for prospecting a new development. The car is great but really tempramental. I have had an initial meeting with a builder and now I´m ready to leave for the next meeting. I wear my Jimmy Choo patent heels and I feel sexy and in full control. My client has made some lovely comments (as expected) on the car but also how I´m dressed. I love it the renatl surves the purpose. Walking over to the car I have my mind on the meeting and I`m not in a hurry so I walk slow. I reach the car get in and Before I leave I have to make some phone calls. It is warm in the car so I keep the driver side door open. Turning the key I forgett that the car is in gera so I get a small suprice as the car jumps forward… A well weel. Turning the key again the car is not starting as expected so I keep on trying. I does start and I decide to adjust my make up and check out my nylon so I turn of the little car again. When I´m done I struggle to restart the car but I can soon leave (YOU THINK?) I get stuck before I hit the main road…

A great summer clip for you all.

Love Loretta


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