Lady Loretta Rent a Car Day 2 SD, 17.29 minute, 479 MB



Dear all Loretta agin

Loretta after visiting the church on this beautifull day. Her dress is stunning together with her Patent red Jimmy Choo shoes. She has the Renault 4 and we are treated with a great start up clip as she tries to leave with her car refusing to start for her. We are watching her as she goes to church and after we have been sitting in the sun for a while she comes back to leave. She gets in to the car and we are now treated with a great sceen as her car gives her trouble. We note her frustration with her situation as the car is not starting for her. The air is filled with gas fumes as she has flooded it and we can se her frustration as she pumps the pedal and struggles….

A great clip with a stunning Lady…

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