Lady Loretta Prospecting Mazda SD, 14.15 minute, 617 MB

Original price was: €16.00.Current price is: €10.00.

Dear all.

Testing a potential new vintage car is allways a special event and a special feeling. Loretta has her goal set for a vintage Mazda 323, and has met with the seller to check out the car. She has got the keys and are now ready for a test drive and we are invited to go along. She is dressed in a pair of patent jimmy choo and get ready to leave the parking area. Driving along she works the pedals in traffic. She stops at a parking spot to further check out the car, as she starts to exit the car she is forced to move the car a bit but here and now she is in trouble the car dies on her and will not start again. My my this is terrible, or not? Well she is in trouble and she is nervous. Will she get going or does she needs help from the owner?